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“I had been to many therapist before I found Eva and none were able to help me the way she did.  Eva was able to combine her knowledge of nutrition, massage and fitness training in order to effectively provide me with the treatment of which I was in desperate need.  Thanks to her unique style of massage, known as Neuro Muscular Release, Eva was able to effectively work away the knots in my neck and shoulders that were giving me pain for months. Now I am free of pain, and can think more clearly as a result. What’s more is that she was also able to answer all my questions about nutrition and clear up all the misconceptions about the fictional work called the Canada Food Guide.”

---Barb G., Canada – Accountant

"I came to Eva due to a weight problem and she created a wonderful diet and exercise plan customized to my needs. Thanks to her I have already lost over 30lbs and still going.

I am also very impressed with Eva’s knowledge of Holistic and Herbal Medicine. She took me on a hike, and along the way taught me about several medicinal herbs that I thought were just weeds. She’s really funny too! Thanks Eva!!!”

---Dr. Shahin A., Iran - Medical Doctor

 “Eva Wellness is the best!!! I’m amazed at how much Eva knows about natural medicine and how kind and caring she is. I used to have severe anxiety, and even used to be on medication for it. I was able to stay off it thanks to her! She also taught me great eating habits and showed me how to make delicious yet super healthy meals. I had no idea eating clean could be so easy AND yummy! Everything I have learned from her, I will be able to use for the rest of my life and for that I am very grateful! I will always vouch for Eva Wellness!”

---Marco P., Ecuador - Student

Eva is so welcoming and professional, I instantly felt relaxed the moment we started treatment. She is an intuitive worker and also excellent at communicating with you to adjust techniques for optimal healing. The therapeutic benefits were felt long after our sessions. Whenever I have an issue with muscle pain, soreness or stress, Eva is always able to relieve my pain and rejuvenate my body and mind!

---Allanah, Canada – Holistic Nutritionist

  “I took Eva’s Thai massage course even though I was 8 months pregnant. The course was amazing and Eva catered to my special “big belly” needs. I absolutely recommend for everyone to take her course and try her services. I had never had a Thai massage before and now I’m hooked. Thanks to her I am now able to give a 90 minute Thai massage with confidence. Thanks Eva!”

---Andrea B., Canada – Thai Massage Practitioner

Eva is an individual who is multitalented, sincere and motivating. When I visited her Wellness center I was amazed to discover how many degrees and certifications she has. She really has a complete knowledge of natural therapies. And her massage is amazing. I have to say, I never knew just how intricate of a science massage is, and Eva definitely is an expert.

Jeffrey S., Jamaica – Holistic Nutritionist

"After visiting some deep tissue and Thai massage specialists, I was recommended to Eva to deal with some nagging sports injuries (Achilles tear and hamstring pulls) from years ago.  After one visit Eva, I noticed a difference.  Eva seemed to be getting to the root of my problems through her deep tissue techniques.  She explained what my issues were and seemed to hit on some places I didn't even realize I had issues.  After several treatments with Eva, I have noticed my body is responding great. Also, for years I had a problem with range of motion on my right big toe.  After mentioning it to Eva, she found the hidden area under the toe causing the problem.  With one treatment, I noticed a significant improvement. With Eva, you will see favourable results."

Inti A., Canada – Business Director


 “If you want your pain gone and your body healed, with many laughs throughout the process, then Eva Wellness is the one for you! Not only is she a tip-top therapist, but she’s super funny too! Laughter is the best medicine. Thanks Eva, you’re awesome!”

Arnie Levi, Canada – Carpenter

“I came to Eva because I was in so much pain from my Rheumatoid arthritis that I couldn’t do basic things like open jars, prepare for food  or enjoy my hobbies anymore. Eva gave me a holistic protocol that included specific dietary changes and was very simple to follow. I was absolutely amazed at the results! Within three months the pain and inflammation were gone and I’ve been full of energy ever since. I feel better than I have in the last 20 years and I’m 82! I just wish I had met Eva sooner.

---Jean T., Canada - Retired

“I came to Eva with a chronic hamstring pain. I had been to several doctors and all that resulted from those visits was frustration. But with Eva it was different, she was immediately able to find the root cause of the problem and after only on session I felt significant improvement. It’s like she has magical powers for healing; after only 3 weeks of massage treatment and physio exercises I was back to 100%. I must say that Eva’s massage technique is very unique, I have never experienced anything so intense and effective. What’s more is that she’s very funny; there was never a dull moment during the treatments. It’s too bad Eva doesn’t work in Canada all year round; I will miss her!”

---Cash,  Canada - Videogame developer

“Eva Wellness is the best!!! She healed my sports injuries and then helped me to loose 30lbs through her nutrition and fitness protocol. I was unable to workout for long time due to a chest and hip injury, which is why I initially came to her. To my amazement she had me fixed and pumping iron in just a few sessions. Wow! Two thumbs way up!

Her massage style is like nothing that I have ever experienced before; it’s very deep and extremely effective. I have been coming to Eva for over a year now, and I never stop learning from her. Eva’s knowledge and experience are astounding.”

---Ian McGillivray – Environmental Technician